Snapseed is a modern high–quality photo editor that will help transform your photos, make them more attractive and memorable. Currently, every smartphone or tablet user has some kind of social network on their device, where they post their photos. In order to attract more attention to yourself, you need the photos to be of good quality and good edited. This application can help you with this. Snapseed is not just a photo editing program, it is a professional software product with a large set of high–quality tools for working with images. However, don’t be afraid ahead of time, because the program is suitable for both professional users and beginners. You can download the official version of the application for free using the links on our website.


The Snapseed application runs on the following operating systems:

  • Android – you can easily download and install a free photo editor on your smartphone or tablet running Android OS.
  • iOS – download the program for iPhone or iPad for free from our website and take advantage of all the features provided by the application.

Features of the Snapseed program

  • Working with images in RAW format. Users can edit their RAW photos and save them later without loss of quality. This function distinguishes this photo editor from others that cannot boast of such an option.
  • Professional image correction. The utility provides a fairly impressive number of tools for professional photo editing.
  • The correction will allow you to adjust the exposure and color of the image.
  • Sharpness will make your photos clearer and of higher quality.
  • Use the crop, rotate and perspective tools to change the photo format.
  • With the help of a brush, you can easily make selective correction of individual elements of the image.
  • You can add a dark and light vignette to your pictures, which will make them more mysterious and attractive.
  • The application has a function for adding text, so you can add any inscription to your pictures, as well as choose the font, text color, its overlay option, etc.
  • The utility has some additional features, such as blur, HDR effect, spotlight shine and many others.
  • Also, in addition to photo editing tools in the program, you can find high-quality effects. The drama effect will help you make your images more mysterious and gloomy. Grunge will make the pictures more textured. The grain size can be varied, that is, a smaller or larger amount of grain can be added. You can also take vintage pictures in the style of the 50s and other years. Retro effect will age your photo. The classic black and white effect will add charm and mystery. In addition to all the above effects, you can add a frame to the photo or use the double exposure function to add a second picture and mix it with the first.


Snapseed will help you transform your photos and attract a large audience on social networks due to the uniqueness of your pictures.